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Doris Mizell

I attended my grandmother's funeral recently. We're pretty sure she asked God for the Royals to win the World Series. 

The church her service was held in had a quilt on every pew. She had a passion for creation, channeling most of that energy into quilting. Every winter, my wife and I snuggle under our quilt while watching the fire crackle in the hearth.

Honestly, Grandma’s story is one that should encourage all parents to pass on their creativity. Her mother sat her down at a sewing machine when she was eight and Doris never stopped crafting.  In her lifetime, she made 160 unique quilts and 150 colorful comforters! I guarantee she's adding to that number in heaven and often imagine angels sitting on the clouds wrapped in her creations.

She passed her artistic nature on to my father and he wasted no time passing it on to his sons. We don't quilt, but every brother of mine has his toe dipped in one form of creativity or another.

With all her prowess in the art form of quilting, Grandma’s greatest achievement was raising seven children: Roberta, Carolyn, Bob, Lester, Raymond (my father), Connie, and Patty. When she passed, she had 17 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and 9 great-great-grandchildren. Her quilts will warm generations to come.

Grandma was an extremely spiritual woman with pride in the family she created. Her faith and determination paved the foundation upon which our lives are built. She was one of the strongest, most unyieldingly stubborn women I've ever known. No Christmas will pass without us imagining her laugh upon the wind; no Thanksgiving without the warm memory of her quilt's embrace; no birthday without the thought of cards holding the two dollar bills she gave us when we stood waist high. She will be missed and forever loved for all she did for our family.

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