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Tim York is a singer/songwriter from Kansas City. We worked together in the inventory closet at Cellular Sales. When he finally convinced me to come to one of his shows, I was blown away by his stage presence. If you put Tim behind a microphone and place a guitar in his hands, he transforms into a whole other person. The music possesses him and the world all around dissolves. 

In March, we went to his acoustic set at the Homegrown Buzz Showcase and he's only gotten better, as any artist should. A taste of his music can be found at ReverbNation .

Note: This is the first time I'm doing a Q&A to reflect the assassins in my book. Please tell me if you like the questions or have any you'd add or take away.


Me: What would your assassin tag be?

Tim: "Yorkshire" is kind of my official nickname.

Me: What is your weapon of choice and/or preferred way to assassinate?

Tim: Hahaha, I like that. Guitar string around the throat would definitely do the job.

Me: Fitting! You can afford to live anywhere on an assassin's pay. What part of the world would you live?

Tim: Spain. Never been but the weather is always nice there and they have good food.

Me: Truth! That, and you would fit right in.

Tim: Haha, yes . . . minus the fact that I don't know any Spanish . . . 

Me: What's your dream vehicle when not chasing down your targets?

Tim: One of those old Dodge Challengers. Super dark green (looks black from far away) and in pristine condition of course.

Me: Would you tell your wife you're an assassin or have it be the big secret she'll never know about?

Tim: I would probably not tell my wife for awhile. Just leave it kind of a mystery, but joke that I'm an assassin because that would be a funny "joke" . . . little does she know I really am an assassin. Considering the fact that she is probably a "church-goer," she would probably be upset about it when she actually does find out, but won't be able to leave me in light of her being an understanding person. And that she loves me too much, haha.

Me: I hope you find her! Thanks for being the first to answer my crazy questions!

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Be at peace and keep writing. You can only get better.

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