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Guild of Four

And so, it begins. . . 

And so, it begins. . . 

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The Guild of Four

One month ago, Chase Hunter’s beloved uncle was murdered by an explosion. Today an assassin broke into his home and she’s offering vengeance.

Chase is recruited to join the Guild of Four, an organization of assassins whose history inspired the modern-day deck of cards. The position is his to claim, if—of course, there’s an “if”—he lives through the trial period. He must face seven seasoned assassins, each utilizing his or her own fatal methods to assess his ability to survive. Their attacks and weapons vary; their arrivals are unexpected. There is only one constant: Each assassin has two full hours to employ any means desired to take out Chase.

Then two assassins are sent to attack at once, and all three are nearly buried in an explosion similar to the one that killed Chase’s uncle. Vixen, the assassin sent to recruit Chase, suspects someone in the Guild has taken a keen interest in his failing. She must make a decision: Allow Chase to be swallowed up by the hidden adversary or risk her position, her reputation, and her life to help him survive the unsurvivable.

THE GUILD OF FOUR, complete at 110,000 words, is commercial fiction with wry humor that will appeal to fans of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Wanted. It is told in alternating viewpoints of Chase, Vixen, the assassins, and the assassinated.

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