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And So It Begins

I have a blog. What to post about first?

When I was younger, I wrote to get the crazy out of my head. Chaos was my mental state, therefore chaos spewed forth onto the page. (And I use the word "spewed" for a reason. Let's just say, my writing wasn't Tolstoy or Dickens.)

My wife and I were home for the holidays, so naturally I decided to torture myself by picking up an old notebook of mine. I wasn't surprised by how terrible it was. I know I've grown, as we all should. But there was something refreshing about it too. The writing flowed onto the page as thoughts brought to life, relaxed and unhindered. I didn't worry about what other people thought because it wasn't for anybody else to see. It was what I, alone, saw all around me: Angels and demons fighting in the fields during the day, spirits strumming their instruments near my bed at night.

Five years ago, I began writing with publication in mind.

In 2012, I took one of David Farland's workshops and it forced me to look long and hard at how far I had to go. When he told me I wasn't even close to ready, my heart sank. At first, I wanted to believe he was wrong. I'd been writing all my life. Who was he to say I wasn't ready? The author of 50 novels, most of which are bestsellers, THAT'S WHO! I went into that workshop thinking I was ready to query and left knowing I was everything but.

David Farland's workshops will change your life, so take one if you're serious about writing. Also, he has weekly Writing Tips that are aptly named "Kick in the Pants." A kick is what many of us need, especially for those so confident they're blind to their own mistakes.

This year I plan to query my first novel.

I've signed up for a course on how to further polish my manuscript, taught by the amazing Margie Lawson. I've heard many great things about her from my writer friend Tina Gower.

I met Tina a few years back at David Farland's workshop and her work blew my mind. Since then, she's won first place in the 2013 Daphne du Maurier Contest for Unpublished Novels in the Paranormal and the Writers of the Future Golden Pen.  Seriously, check her out, for she truly is a Writer of your Future!

On one hand, I'm scared to take another course. I believe I am ready and Margie Lawson will undoubtedly point out the reasons I am not. On the other hand, I'm excited to develop my craft.

Thank you for reading my first entry. I plan to add a Creative Shout-Out at the beginning of the month and a personal post toward the end. I hope what I write is relevant to you.

I pray you all succeed this year at furthering your craft.

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Be at peace and keep writing. You can only get better.

~ CR Guardian

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